Brantley Area is a region situated in the U.S. province of Georgia. As of the 2010 statistics, the populace was 18,411. The region seat is Nahunta.

The 444-square-mile area was initially occupied by the River Indians. During the pioneer time frame, the region fell inside the limits of land questioned by the Spanish and the English, a discussion settled for the English after the Clash of Grisly Swamp in 1742.

The region was named after Benjamin Daniel Brantley, a dealer who empowered the improvement of turpentine and cotton ginning producing in the territory, or his child, William Gordon Brantley. Brantley served in the two places of the Georgia law making body and in the U.S. Place of Agents.

As indicated by the 2010 U.S. evaluation, the area populace is 18,411, an expansion from the 2000 populace of 14,629.

Brantley County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Len Davis is the central law authorization official for the area. Sheriff Len Davis directs the district's law authorization office, including appointees and regulatory help.

Province sheriffs regularly uphold the law in unincorporated regions inside a region, however they additionally will some of the time give law authorization administrations to regions that don't have their own police divisions. District sheriffs are responsible for province correctional facilities. They are some of the time called upon to serve subpoenas, insurance requests, and expulsion takes note.

Brantley County Jail

The Brantley District Prison is situated in Nahunta, Georgia. The Brantley Province Sheriff's Area of expertise works and deals with the Brantley District Prison.

The Brantley District Prison regularly keeps Brantley Area habitations. A large portion of the detainees at the Brantley District Prison serve close to a two-year sentence. The law organizations in and around Brantley Province that work intimately with the Brantley District Prison are the police office, sheriff's area of expertise, U.S Marshals just as other law authorization offices.

The Brantley Province Prison ended the work group projects and work instruction discharge. Indeed, the entire Prison's People group Amendments Division has been totally expelled too.

Appropriate clothing is required for all guests. No bridle tops, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, low profile tops, shorts, or some other uncovering articles of clothing are permitted. Guests must agree to the built-up clothing regulation or they won't have the option to visit with the prisoner.